Family Crest Seal Ring

Family Crest Seal Ring


18K Gold
  •  Designed and made by Eldo Baumeister

Family crest, hand engraved onyx from Idaroberstein, Germany.

Also available in heliotrope, carnelian, jasper, lapis lazuli and layered agate.  Additional shapes are soft square, antique square, round and three different oval sizes.

To order your own family crest, please provide an exact drawing of the crest.  The drawing will be reversed on the engraved stone as it is meant to make an impression in sealing wax.  If you do not want the crest reversed, please request this when ordering.

Ring size and stone dimensions must be determined when placing your order.

Rings are available in 18K and 14K gold and are stamped with my "EB" logo and "18K" or "14K" indicating solid gold.

Delivery time is approximately 4 - 6 weeks.

Please contact me at to learn more about ordering a seal ring.