Raven Pendant

Raven Pendant


Sterling Silver
1 inch height (2.4 cm) x 7/8 inch width (2.2 cm)
  •  Designed and made by Eldo Baumeister

The Raven is a central figure in Haida mythology.  Haida Gwwai is a beautiful group of islands on Canada's West Coast and the ancestral home of the indigenous Haida tribes.

Raven is a renowned trickster who can be a magician, a transformer and a potent creative force.  Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has a Raven tattoo.

During my years in Vancouver B.C. I became familiar with Haida art through famous sculptor and jeweler Bill Reid.  I was also a frequent visitor to the Museum of Anthropolgy, which houses a stunning treasure trove of West Coast native artifacts from the height of Haida Gwwai culture.

All pendants come with a classic Sterling Silver curb link chain.  Each chain is matched to the pendant it holds and is strong enough for rugged outdoor lifestyles. 

All my jewelry is stamped with my trademark "EB" and "925" indicating solid Sterling Silver.  The pendant arrives in my signature gift box with embossed logo and instructions on proper jewelry care.

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