General Inspection

Frequent inspection and cleaning prevent jewelry loss and damage. When was the last time you had your jewelry professionally cleaned and inspected? If you can’t remember, then it’s time to have it done.

Any pieces with claws or clasps should be checked regularly for signs of wear. A loose clasp can result in the loss of a favorite piece of jewelry, and worn or misaligned claws can lead to a missing diamond or other precious stone. Often a simple adjustment will take care of the problem. Even if a repair is needed, the cost will be considerably less than replacing a gemstone - or an entire piece of jewelry.


Common Repairs

Ring sizings: cost will depend on width, karat, whether the ring is to be made larger or smaller, type of gemstones, etc. Ring sizing cost is determined on an individual basis. All written cost estimates are binding.

Retipping: cost will depend on karat, type of gemstone, number of claws, etc. Retipping cost is determined on an individual basis. All written cost estimates are binding

Half shank: replace a thin, worn-out ring shank with a strong new one. Cost will depend on width, karat and other factors. All written cost estimates are binding. All repairs are done on the premises.



Always separate your gold jewelry in a jewelry box with separate compartments. This prevents scratching. Remove all jewelry before showering or cleaning, as soap deposits a film layer which makes gold appear dull and dingy.

To clean your jewelry at home, you’ll find a soft chamois cloth from any hardware store an inexpensive way to keep your pieces lustrous and shining. For some gold jewelry, an ultrasonic cleaning machine may be appropriate. Tarnish can be removed with a prepared jewelry cleaner or by using soap and water mixed with ammonia.


Sterling Silver

When not in use, silver should be stored in a cool, dry place. It should be wrapped in a tarnish-preventative cloth or in a plastic ziploc bag. The goal here is to keep out air, which will cause silver tarnish. Clean your silver with a commercial silver cleaner. A dip is best suited to jewelry–follow the instructions carefully.