What is custom jewelry?
..... An original creation

Making a piece of custom jewelry is an exciting process for both designer and client. A first consultation will decide the following:

  • type of jewelry
  • which stones, if any
  • type of metal
  • budget

The design process can be as unique as the client and the designer and usually consists of ideas being tossed back and forth between the two.

The designer’s job is to uncover the client’s style preferences and provide technical expertise. At this point, the design will have gone through a series of sketches. When the final drawing is approved along with the budget, the piece will take shape at the goldsmith’s workbench. Made entirely by hand, the finished item is unique to its wearer and stands apart in a world of mass-produced and impersonal things.


18k gold wedding band with abstract pattern based on the couple's intertwined initials..

14k yellow and white gold pendant designed designed for a client who needed a gift to celebrate a milestone wedding anniversary. The figure “8" had significance for the client and is also the symbolic representation of eternity. A total of 8 diamonds echo the design theme. The piece is multifunctional and can be worn as a pendant or brooch.

What is custom jewelry?
.....Commissioned work

Miniature silver chalice designed and and commissioned by a client and made by Eldo Baumeister.

What is custom jewelry?
...............New from old

The precious stones in your estate jewelry can be taken out and set into a new piece designed and made specifically for you. In some cases, your old gold can be melted and made into new jewelry.

Carat diamond originally set in a factory-made engagement ring. After her divorce, the client wanted a new ring designed specifically for the shape of her hand.

Forged bangle made from a client’s old gold. A minimum of 15 grams is needed to make this piece.

One-of-a-kind stock pieces

Eldo's showcases at the shop display her exquisite one-of-a-kind jewelry in gold and sterling with a variety of coloured gemstones. These stock pieces can be purchased at the shop. Muskoka Jewelry in sterling and 14k gold is also available at the shop.