Funerary Keepsake Box

Funerary Keepsake Box


Sterling Silver and Red Cedar
2 1/2" x 3 1/2 " Red Cedar Box
  •  Designed and made by Eldo Baumeister

I made this funerary keepsake box to hold the ashes of someone who loved the lakes and forests of Northern Ontario.  The drawer contains a Sterling Silver Heart with a hand engraved inscription.  The surface of the box is adorned with a Sterling Silver Canoe, Muskoka Chair and Pine Trees.

The box itself is made from reclaimed red cedar driftwood logs.  It has the beautiful scent of red cedar and is symbolic of a new life: logs rescued from the water are remade to serve a new purpose.  Each box is completely unique as it is made by hand and partially incorporates the textured surface of the driftwood.

Funerary keepsake boxes come in 7 sizes:  1) 2.75x3 inches  2) 3.5x4 inches  3) 4.5x3.5 inches              4)  5x3 inches     5)  5x5 inches  6)  5.5x5.25 inches   7)  6x5.5 inches

Prices range from $250.- for the box shown above to $700.- for the largest box.  Choose from Sterling Silver adornments reflecting the themes in my work i.e. Lakes, Kayaks, Canoes, Georgian Bay, Forests, Cottage or Canada. 

Please contact to inquire about a custom theme depicting your loved one's passions in life: they will be reflected in a beautiful keepsake box.  Prices for custom boxes on request.